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What to Bring-Guys

Uganda Trip


Please understand that we are going to another country, with a different culture. We are also there, representing God. Make sure that your attire is presentable. (What is acceptable in the city is not in the villages...)

- 2 pair of lightweight trousers- Jeans may be too restricting, warm, and are not usually appropriate for dress. Cargo pants are a nice alternative. The pockets are handy while hiking or during more adventurous activities.

- 2 pair nicer lightweight trousers (i.e.: Dockers)

- 2 pair of lightweight shorts- cargo or denim (knee length or longer)

- 3-4 nice T-shirts (no military emblems, no questionable slogans,

no holes, neat, and clean. )

- 1-2 long sleeved dress shirts (Mostly for church. Feel free to shop at Goodwill. DO NOT bring your nicest designer they could be lost, damaged, or stolen.) again, make sure they are clean, ironed, neat and dressy)

- 2-3 casual button up shirt with collar (short sleeve) Polo style shirts are ok for this.

- 6-7 pair underwear

- Hat and/or bandana (The sun is very hot in Uganda)

- 2 sets sleepwear (no holes, neat and clean, will be sharing a room)

1 windbreaker/rain jacket – Strongly recommended. Even though we will be going during Uganda’s “dry season” we may go the rainforest at some point, and a light jacket is also nice for evenings spent outside to help protect from mosquitos.

- 4 pair shoes –

1 comfortable for walking and working (athletic shoes)

1 pair flip flops (preferably not plastic Old Navy style as they tend to break)

1 pair nice flip flops or sandals for church (which also includes walking).

1 pair of waterproof/rain boots ( I recommend knee-high rain boots. They are much easier to clean and protect feet when walking in unsanitary conditions in the village. Plus they are high enough to protect from safari ants on hikes in the rainforest. )

- At least 4-5 pair socks

- 1-2 pairs Swim Trunks - Knee Length or longer

- 1 beach towels

- a small blanket (traveling)

-a neck pillow (Lots of traveling!)


 (These are sometimes hard to find in Uganda. Bring enough to last the whole trip, especially if you are picky about the brand.)

-Soap or Body Wash


-Deodorant -Bring enough for the whole trip

-Razors- Battery operated electric recommended. 




Hair ties – If you have long hair, these will be necessary to keep the hair off your neck on those hot days.

-Towel and facecloth (lightweight fast drying) – Try a microfiber towel that absorbs water quickly and dries fast.

(Recommended that you bring a small travel size bottle of face wash,body wash, etc. in your carry-on-as well as full sized in your checked bag. Travel takes almost 2 will likely want to freshen up at the airports, or on the plane.) Flushable wipes, no-rinse body wash, or prepackaged “wash clothes” are also a good option for this. (See note at the end of this list for TSA liquid carry-on guidelines)


Pack electronics and expensive technology at your own risk. I have friends who had their cameras or phones stolen when traveling.

-Flashlights- ​An absolute lifesaver when the power decides to go out unexpectedly. Be sure to bring extra batteries.

-Laptop – ​Useful when we’re able to stop in at an internet café. But understand that wi-fi will not always be available.

-Digital​ ​Camera – T​o capture all the beautiful sights we’ll encounter!

-Chargers and adapters–B​ring an extra charger chord. We will have to get adapters when we

arrive, to be able to use the electricity.

-iPod – ​If you’d like some tunes for traveling

-Cell Phone- ​If your phone is not unlocked, you will not be able to use it in Uganda. You must be able to switch the SIM card in order to use it. Older flip phones work well for can most likely purchase one for fairly cheap before you go, or it is possible to get one there, but I’m not sure about the cost. You can purchase airtime over thre, and I can show you how to do that. But as far as your American smartphone, you can only use it when wi-fi is available, but not to make regular calls. I recommend suggesting to family and friends that they get Facebook Messenger and or the WhatsApp app before you go, so that you can call and video chat when you have airtime or wi-fi . I will have means to notify your loved ones when we land...and then should be able to find a wi-fi spot once we get to Jinja. (It is a 3 1/2 hour drive from the airport.)

-Fan - ​If you prefer a fan to sleep...I suggest purchasing a small battery operated clip style one to bring with you in your checked bag. You can usually find that for about $10

Important Misc

- Backpack. Messenger bags are also good. I recommend bringing both. Even if you don’t use them to pack in, bring them folded up-Most of our travel will be via Boda’ll be happy you have them!

Sunscreen​ ​(30 or higher. Even if you don’t burn at home, don’t assume that you won’t in Uganda. )

Lip Balm with SPF

Insect repellent​ (MUST HAVE. Your best defense against mosquito-born illnesses is to not get bites in the first place! Product needs to have at least 25-50 % DEET-the higher the better)

Extra glasses (​If you wear contact lenses, bring an extra set of those if possible)

***Waterbottle-(​Clean water is a luxury that most people and places in Uganda DO NOT HAVE. Tap water cannot be consumed. Unless you are informed that water is not drink it or use ice cubes, etc. A LifeStraw filtered water bottle will be provided for you, and is included in your trip fees. You will need to use during the trip. These filtered bottles allow you to drink water that is otherwise unfiltered.

Photos of family and home and/or postcards- ​You might miss their faces while you’re gone, but it’s gonna be worth it!

2-3 small gifts to give to a new Ugandan friend (Examples: book or devotional, homemade jewelry, or journal)

Small Bibles to give away

Your own Bible and at least 2 notebook and 2 pens. ​(We will be having daily devotions

and prayer time as a team. Participation is mandatory.)

1-2 books or devotionals for personal reading ​(and/or to share)

Snacks/Food-​ (limit to two zip lock bags total ie: hard candy, nuts, granola bars (not chewy, or meltable) small to-go size peanut butter, raisins, banana chips etc. We will be served meals on the plane, eating lunch together daily, and will be going to the store to get food for food for the guest house, when we arrive. We will also be able to go to different cafe’s that have some American food at times, just not everyday. ) Part of the experience is learning the culture. Please be very detailed in filling out your emergency forms, especially if you have medical conditions or allergies that will affect diet.

Tissue packs and a small pack of toilet paper (Toilet paper is provided at the Guest House, but you may need it during days in the field, etc.)