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I Can't Hear the Music Anymore 

Over 8 years ago, Laura Parsons Lytle said goodbye to "dating", and started praying for her future husband instead. God had made her heart brand new, and whole. And He started to show her that it's a thing of value to share with the man that He created just for her. So instead of going on meaningless dates, and giving piece after piece of herself to guys that have no clue how to treat a daughter of the King, she wrote a lists of the Godly qualities that her husband will have. And instead of spending time with guys that she has no intention of marrying, she spends time at the feet of Jesus, praying for the man that she will eventually share her life with.. She writes him letters, prays for him, and periodically Tweets little messages to him.. And through her ministry, she educates single ladies on how God sees them.; as His beautiful, valuable daughters. And stresses the importance of allowing God to lock up their hearts, until the right man, the one who has asked God for the "Keys" to their hearts, pursues them..

Below you can read blogs Laura has written on the subject, and even letters to her Future Husband. And follow her on Twitter to read her #DearFutureHusband posts. (also seen to the left).

In Loving Memory of


Linda Anne

Bentz Parsons

What is Marginal Zone Lymphoma?

            June 20th, 1943-October 16th, 2017

On October 16th, 2017, due to complications of Marginal Zone Lymphoma~Linda Anne Bentz Parsons went home to be with her Heavenly Father, and join her husband in glory. Please join us in continuing to pray her family. Linda's daughter, Laura Parsons Lytle plans to carry on her mother's legacy, and continue "I Can't Hear the Music Anymore", raising awareness for FTD w/ ALS, and PBA.

I Can't Hear the Music Anymore 

One Family's Journey with Frontotemporal Dementia Author Linda Anne Bentz Parsons, tells the story of her husband, Douglas Parsons, who has Frontotemporal Dementia. She gives family background on Douglas, and she tells how the family finally got a diagnosis of the disease. She explains some of the things that happen when a person has FTD, and talks about family reactions, when a loved one has the disease.

In the back of the book there is a short list of internet sites, which provide information about FTD, and a section that has some places to call for information about medical evaluations for FTD.

I Can't Hear the Music Anymore gives faith and hope that people are not alone, in their journey with FTD. 

What is FTD w/ ALS?

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