(Hope Exists Start the Healing and End the Destruction)

Self-harm, self-mutilation, self-injury…call it what you want, but the questions normally heard resounding from the majority of the population are “WHY?” Why would anyone do that? HOW could you do that to yourself? WHAT is wrong with you?

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HE SHED is about helping to answer that WHY, and that WHAT, and that HOW, but not just for the population, for you, the self-harmers! It’s about exactly what it stands for…showing that Hope Exists, and that if you find out why you are doing it and Start the Healing, you can End the self Destruction, end the pain, and live a healthy life! Studies show, that one in five teens say that they have purposely caused harm to themselves at one time. Self-injury is prevalent in all races, genders, and backgrounds. Self-mutilation is one of the strongest predictors that one will attempt and complete suicide. That we know of, more than half of self injurers are victims of abuse, and those numbers are climbing very quickly. But statistics also show that 90% of sexual abuse and 9 in 10 cases of child mistreatment and neglect go unreported, so in reality, those numbers are probably much higher. Unfortunately, often times those who inflict self-injury are very misunderstood. People say that they are “just trying to get attention”, and some even go so far as to say that they are “crazy” and just want to kill themselves. But what is the truth? Who are you really? Why do you do what you do, and how can you stop? Are you really just doing it for attention, and are you crazy? The truth is no, most people who self-harm aren't initially trying to commit suicide. Self-harm is a coping mechanism, such as fighting, over-eating, smoking, and drinking. They self-harm to “deal” with emotional stress or pain they are feeling. Maybe they started out doing it because of a horribly traumatic event in their lives, but self injury becomes an addiction because it makes them feel better for a short time. Now they do it for even small stresses, and now they can’t stop. Most people who self harm aren't "crazy" at all. Usually they just have a lot of emotional pain and inner stress that they don’t know how to deal with. Though unhealthy, self-harming acts as a “release” for these stresses, and most self harmers don’t know of any other way to get this release than to hurt their selves Some self-harmers have been through such intense emotional pain that they are now completely numb to feeling anything. For many of these individuals the pain of cutting, burning, and other forms of self-injury is the only thing that they feel at all. To someone who has never endured abuse, this mightsound crazy. But for 14 year old girl who was raped by her step-brother for 6 years of her life, or a 13 year old guy who is sadistically beaten by his father every day of his life; cutting, burning, or punching their selves, probably doesn't hurt much at all. You feel so much pain that you feel like the only thing that you can control is the way that you get hurt. Another gut wrenching fact that most don’t know is that self-harm is NOT “just for attention”. Self-harmers are dealing with some very real pain, which can very dangerous if ignored! But there is hope! You do not have to live in this pain forever! Your loved one doesn't have to live with this pain forever! The mission of HE SHED is to deal hope, to raise awareness, and to let self-harmers know that they are not alone. By educating self-harmers and their loved ones, self-harmers learn why they self-harm, and loved ones learn how to respond to self-harmers in a loving and compassionate way. HE SHED helps to bring purpose and healing to the lives of self harmers. HE SHED, so you don't have to!

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