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"Now all glory to God, 

who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think."  Ephesians 3:20

In her published autobiography, "To Tame a Wildflower", Laura Parsons Lytle shares a message of hope and redemption. Though her childhood was full of rejection and heartbreak, Laura's words show the outline of God's hand, as a constant, throughout her life. To Tame a Wildflower is available in print and for the iPad, and Kindle. 

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A Letter From LauraPLytle 7/21/19

Hey everyone! Many thanks, to those of you who have stuck with me on this crazy journey! The past couple years have been intense to say the least! But I'll back up a little further, for the sake of those who may be reading my blog for the first time. I have to tell you about the pain, not for pity, or the sake of doom and gloom...but so that God can get every single bit of the glory that He deserves. I am starting to see the beauty, that He is bringing for those ashes...and I'm completely in awe of Him at the sight. 

So, I started To Tame a Wildflower Hope (TTAWF Hope) in 2011, after the first addition of my autobiography was published. Three years of touring for my book and doing outreach ministry all over the U.S. God did so many amazing things, I met some amazing people...things were good! We started to launch some new things with TTAWF Hope, then I was asked to be in a documentary for my dad, book sales were pretty steady, things were...good. That's when everything sorta started to fall apart.

September of 2014, my uncle who was a lot of the reason that I got into ministry, passed away from an incurable genetic brain disease. My dad (who had the very same disease, and had been sick since I was 13) died two months later. In February 2015, my cousin/best friend died of breast cancer at age 40, and a couple months later, one of my best friends (who had been clean and sober for 3 years) OD’d on heroin and died. A month later, my Grandma (Nonna) died. This season of loss was a huge turning point in my life and my ministry. I started to cry out to God “You are my ONLY hope! What do You want from me? Where do You want me to be right now? What do you want me to do?”
Within days, He started to speak to my heart about the things to come.

For years I had prayed for God to "give me the nations"...without ever fully knowing what that meant. I only wanted a few things: to glorify God with every single part of my life, to help everyone that I could, wherever I could, and to wait and pray for the man that would stand beside me in all of it. I was constantly praying, "Here I am God, send me!" even though I had no clue where I was going. A week later, a friend called and asked me to partner with their organization, and go on a missions trip to Uganda.

I took that first trip to Uganda in 2016...and fell in love with the people. I knew that God had big plans for me there. Before my second trip ( for 2 months in the summer 2017), I got rid of my apartment in Lakewood, Ohio, and moved back in with my Mom, as I planned to return to Uganda for a year in January 2018. I was supposed to leave on June 1st, and I had all the funds except what I needed for my airfare. I left it in God’s hands, believing that when it was time for me to go, I’d have everything I needed. On Father’s Day ( June 18th, 2017) I was sitting outside of my Mom’s house, and the family member who had a abused me as a child, walked up. He asked me to forgive him, and said he understood if I couldn’t forgive him yet. I was able to honestly tell him that I forgave him a long time ago. Less than a week later I was on a plane to a Uganda. My trip was AMAZING...Muslims accepting Jesus, healings, deliverances, the opening of our school in Soweto, even praying with witch doctors. It was a life changing experience. But when I ended up getting sick with a serious infection while I was there; and almost dying when I came home, everything changed. 

I spent two weeks in the hospital (the first time) and was having a hard time adjusting to being back in the U.S. from being in the slums and jungles of Uganda. The day after I was discharged from the hospital, my Mom was admitted to the hospital. The lymphoma she had 8 years before, had come back. The doctors said she had a good chance of fighting it, and that it wasn't terminal. They started her on her 1st round of chemo; missing that she had a UTI. Her body couldn't handle it. On October 16th, 2017 my Mom died suddenly of a sepsis infection.
 After she passed away, I had to be out of her house very quickly, so I was technically homeless. Still very sick, I began staying with friends for a few months. Being admitted to the hospital a total of 4 times, because of the infection. I was weak, sick, and beginning to lose hope. Since my ministry board was falling apart (Mom being one of my board members and another, my Uncle Tom, had been placed on hospice for a different form of cancer.) I now had no income either. No benefits, no salary, nothing. I still wasn’t medically cleared to work for anyone else; so that meant TTAWF Hope had to completely dissolve. I needed to start the technical part of my ministry all over from the ground up. That's when we decided to change the name to Beauty for Ashes All Nations. A name that I chose completely out of faith. 

I was at what seemed like the lowest point I could possibly be at, when a lady ran a red light on November 26th, 2017 causing a 5 car accident. I took the brunt of the accident, and my car was totaled. After two impacts...walking away with just a severe concussion, severe seatbelt injuries including a fractured/displaced collar bone, two fractured wrists, a fractured finger on my left hand, a thumb UCL rupture on my right hand, my entire back and neck being severely sprained, herniated disc in my lower back, and severe whiplash... was actually a good thing. EMS was surprised that I even survived.

A few weeks after the accident, I was just about to get released from the hospital the 2nd time (for the infection), when I found out that I could no longer stay with my friends, because of their lease. I had to be out the next day. But God was with me, and my Mom’s best friend offered to take me in for a while so I could heal. The shock of everything left me feeling completely numb. When I was awake, I was constantly having to fight the doubts that tried to creep in. Why am I still here? Was Uganda my purpose? Would I ever be able to go back? Was I crazy to think that God actually had someone who would serve Him beside me, in all of it? Would I hope for anything again? I had a lot of questions, without any answers. But still, I chose to allow my trust in God and His character, even when I couldn't see or understand where He was in all of this.

It’s been a tough season to say the least. But God...He has loved me, held me, carried me, and  seen through all of it. Soon, I was surrounded by people who not only love and believe in me...but also support me and pray fervently, for my safe return back to Uganda.

I've recently had two surgeries, (to fix my hands from the accident). Everything went perfect with the surgeries, and now I'm laying low, resting and healing. 

But it's all for a purpose. HEALING! Because, I'm finally heading back to Uganda for 3 months, in February 2020! Our school Beauty for Ashes Nursery School Massese Soweto, is now a non-profit with the Ugandan government! We are nearly done with the process of getting 501c3 non-profit status in the U.S. And I'm still working on that new book and devotional, that you’ve been waiting for; so stay tuned!

God is doing some other amazing stuff, that He hasn't released me to share with you yet. The Master Painter still has some phenomenal and mind blowing brush strokes up His sleeve. I'm so excited to see it all come together! If you wanna join the journey, pray about what part that God would have you to play!

 And if my amazing future husband is reading this; I'll share these words that I wrote last year.

"Dear Future Husband I'd much rather have a man chasing after Jesus, than a house full of stuff. Wherever you are, whoever you are...God has been showing me so much about you. I've prayed for you, long before ever seeing your face. Your worship is beautiful, and your prayers are powerful. You may not see it yet, but I do. Your pursuit of Jesus is more important to me, than your pursuit of me, your pursuit of a job, and your pursuit of anything else. Money is totally over-rated. No amount of stuff can replace true love. And it’s in your full pursuit of Him, that you’ll fully find me, and every other thing that He has for you. I’m still praying for you, Babe. You are sooo loved. ❤️L" 

Thanks for reading!!! 

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Laura Parsons Lytle is excited to announce her role in "Beyond Laughter and Tears": a movie documentary about living with (PBA) PseudoBulbar Affect, a condition that Laura's father struggled with. The film features Laura, her father and mother (both of whom have gone home to be with Jesus), and her brother Steve...along with 5 other families. "Beyond Laughter & Tears" has shown at several film festivals around the world (Including the Cleveland International Film Festival, and the Newport Beach Film Festival); and even won the award for Best Healthcare Documentary at the 2016 Brand Film Festival in New York City.

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In this article, Oscar award-winning-Director, Doug Blush, shares his thoughts on "Beyond Laughter & Tears " (formerly Disconnected) the movie!  



On October 16th, 2017, Laura's Mother, Linda Anne Bentz Parsons, went home to be with her Heavenly Father, and join her husband in glory. Her death was sudden, due to complications of Marginal Zone Lymphoma. Please join us in continuing to pray for Laura and her family.

After a long battle with Frontotemporal Dementia w/ ALS....On     December 22nd, 2014, Laura's father, Douglas C. Parsons went home to be with His Heavenly Father. Please join us in continuing to pray for Laura and her family.

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